Katzman Family Tree
This genealogy site contains individuals who are descended from Iser Katzman. He was probably born in the early 1800’s. He had 4 sons: Samuel, Shimon, Aaron and Cula.They lived in a stetl which the family refered to as Shiletz but seems to be better recognized under the spelling Selets (sometimes Seletz or Celetz). There are a dozen places in Belarus named 'Selets'. This one is 7 miles SSW of Mahilyow (Mogilev), in Vendorozhsk volost. It is or rather was, according to the Jewish Genealogy Web Site a Jewish agricultural colony, founded in 1836.

There are several ways to use this Family Tree site. Each individual has a personal card. Starting with the home card. it is possible to navigate by clicking on the names of the children of that person to move to their card. Cilcking on the name on that card reveals their personal sheets with information about them. At all times the Index of names and surnames is available. By clicking on either of these, a list of the entire family is available list of the entire family is available. Clicking on any name will move to that individuals card.